Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wtf iz ^

I'm still trying to get txt msging. My nieces text me every day, with abbreviations I just can't understand. I'm guessing that they pay for their service by the letter, or they just don't have the time to type out the whole word. Isn't your uncle worth a few extra keystrokes, girls?

In order to interpret these enigmatic blasts (text that!), I did something I'm a little more comfortable with: I googled a website (transl8it) for translation services.

In an effort to keep pace with my tech savvy nieces, I translated various quotes I like into @10tion grabbers and preprogammed them into my phone.

So, this afternoon, when my 13-year old niece sent me a "wotz ^ unc jon?" I smugly shot back with a bit of Henry David Thoreau:

"2 b awake iz 2 b alive - hdt."

In about 20 seconds, surely without the use of transl8it, Emily replied:

"Does that mean that if ur asleep ur dead?"

It was at that point that I dialed her number and actually talked to her.