Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pop Quiz

Today is a cross training day and so I went to church. Taking my own advice, I witnessed a muted sunrise from a bit of the coastal sage habitat that remains here in southern CA. No kneeling involved. Passed a solo hiker wearing a "University of Life" t-shirt. Thought about Aunt Mildred.

I really had an Aunt Mildred; Uncle Stanley, too. They had bad teeth. Her home alarm system: an empty Van Merritt beer can on a string hung from her interior front door knob. I remember the can as red, white, and green with a windmill on it. My cousin Ken and I both collected beer cans at the time, and although we never discussed it, I'm sure it crossed our minds to disable Aunt Mildred's alarm system. I mean, could she really hear it from the kitchen in back? The can was in almost mint condition. Surely, a can of Bud could do the trick. Funny the things you remember in a life.

My mom said Aunt Mill spent most of her Sundays at her local bar. Probably did a lot of praying there. When I was younger, I used to wonder if that were enough to get into heaven, or was it time spent in a cathedral that was needed to tip the balance in one's favor? On a long hike, I think about some weird stuff. I mean after all the botanizing is through (nothing in GFB - Gorgeous Full Bloom, this time of year), my mind tends to wander.

A small part of me thinks there may be a pop quiz at the end of this whole adventure. Scan tron most likely. Note to self: always carry a #2 pencil in case of rapture.

Some potential questions:
Ever pick up a hitch hiker?
Were you supposed to cut your toenails straight across?
Name three dogs that live in your neighborhood
Describe a memorable sunrise
Did you ever love some one? Any one love you?
What were you scared of? Are you still?
Describe 5 plants and the things that pollinate them
Did you ever walk outside in the rain? Without umbrella?
Record the highest peak you ever climbed. How long did you stay at the top?
Recall the time you nearly drowned. Who saved you?
Name your favorite fruit. When did you last eat it?

Or maybe...Describe the beer can that hung from the door of your tippler Aunt's home.

I was thinking, maybe if you had answers to all the questions on the pop quiz, had paid attention, you might not have to come back here. Or, maybe the reward is that you do get to come back. Perhaps you just get the chance to choose. Then again, no matter. Here we are.


Tierney said...

Your blog is so much deeper and more interesting than mine.

spoden said...

I'll fix that tonight.