Saturday, October 18, 2008

End of Week 8

Early morning easy 5 mile run before sunrise in the neighborhood. I like the way things smell in the morning and the way my body seems to naturally wake up with the gradually intensifying sun. I wish I would start all mornings this way: as a sunrise witness.

I'm at the end of 8 weeks of training and have 4 more to go before running my first ever half-marathon. This concludes a "rest" week (a total of four 5-mile easy runs) before my mileage starts ramping up. For my easy runs I'm now running under 9 minute miles, it was only two months ago when I was running 10 minute miles for my easy runs.

Next week my mid-week tempo run includes 5 miles at a 8:30 pace. Right now I'm anxious about the challenge posed by the tempo run. But even though the tempo and speed runs pose the biggest challenge for me, my body has yet to fail me during these trying runs. I always push through and feel a great sense of accomplishment upon completing those stretch workouts.

For my half marathon training, I'm using a plan generated by the smart coach feature on the runner's world website ( and looking forward to running in Pasadena's inaugural half-marathon next month.

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