Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lost and Found

Tried to get an early start to work this morning, in need of a market stop for lunch. On the way, I saw a wiry blond terrier wandering the sidewalk. She seemed happy when I approached her and wore no collar. She yelped a little when I picked her up gently, but jumped right in the car. I stopped a guy walking his dogs and asked him if he knew the dogs in his neighborhood. "You stopped the right guy," he said as he looked at the terrier in my back seat. But, he had never seen the dog.

I took her to my vet and she scanned her for an implantable chip. No luck. I then took her to my fair city's animal shelter, filled out a few forms swearing that she wasn't mine and that "to my knowledge" she hadn't bitten an animal (human or otherwise) in the last two weeks. How could I know that? Based on my experience, I didn't think she had it in her to bite, so I signed.

All this before eight o'clock.

I checked back with the shelter in the afternoon and that little terrier I vouched for had been reunited with her family.

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Tierney said...

I'm glad that the dog made it back to her family! Congrats on doing your part to make that happen. :)