Monday, June 15, 2009


Why blog?

This is not my diary. If it were, people inclined to read my words here would have suffered through my sorrow, perhaps been elevated by my joy, too. But I blog for me.

Selfish jerk.

Can't put everything here. But for now, I would like to mark in cyberspace this date, the day I began officially training for the 2009 Chicago Marathon. A 26.2 mile run through the neighborhoods of my beautiful birthplace city. Looking at the course, I am relieved to find that I will pass by Wrigley Field early, while I still have the energy to sneer at its quaintness. On the other hand, US Cellular comes deep into the course, about mile 23 when the lights above 35th and Shields will power me to finish. My beloved White Sox. I hope games are still being played there on October 11.

So how does one begin to prepare for a marathon yet 16 weeks away? An easy run. 4 miles. If I can keep to the plan, which may actually be more difficult than executing on race day, I will log over 400 miles in the months ahead.

I am committed.

Between this post and my last I ran my first half marathon (in my current fair city). Ran it in 1:47. Also, ran my favorite 5Ks in April, May, and June including running "the world's fastest 5K" in Carlsbad in 22:19, my personal best for 5Ks. Attempted a triathlon (albeit a mini one) and found out that I can't swim. On my Father's Day card this year (from my parents to me!): P.S. Stay out of the ocean.

I will begin posting again for anyone inclined to read this.

Be well.

A message to myself.

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Tierney said...

Glad to have you back!!! :)